High Volume Tabletop Label Press

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High Volume Tabletop Label Press

Built on Ability

The T2-C is the first-ever high capacity, high volume tabletop label press capable of delivering precision over long runs. Producing consistent, high-volumes in 24/7 production, the T2-C opens new doors in the label printing industry.

A one-of-a-kind tabletop label printing press that incorporates the features and functionality of a traditional large production press into a footprint small enough to fit into any size print department.

A perfect combination of ease-of-use, precision, and quality make the T2-C an ideal label printing solution designed to give both owners and users peace of mind.

Key Features

Economical, long-lasting 2-liter
individual CMYK Natura™ ink tanks
deliver vibrant and durable labels.

User-Friendly Intuitive interface
and built-in job library allow for
easy operation.

Trojan Control Software provides
full local control plus a built-in cost
calculator for easy job pricing and

Inline slitters deliver increased
throughput with multiple across
label constructions, up to 8
separate output rolls from a single
input roll.

Rugged, all-metal construction
designed for years of reliable
service in any production

Optional output nip accessory
enables inline integration to third-
party devices, such as converting or
packaging equipment.

Outstanding 1600 dpi print and
color quality that rivals a large,
costly-to-operate label press.

Built-in remote diagnostics
capability allows for remote status
and diagnostics, minimizing
production downtime.

What Makes It Different?

The T2-C bridges the gap between compact, inexpensive desktop label printers and expensive, large commercial label press to provide a highly flexible and productive solution for printing medium to large runs labels. Equipped with economic 2-liter ink tanks, the T2-C provides a perfect combination of increased print accuracy and reduced price of ink, offering significant cost savings over the life of the printer.

Key Print Attributes

Print with precise image placement on pre-die cut labels, eliminating the need for a secondary finishing process

High-Performance Natura™ food-safe low migration inks allow for use on flexible packaging material

Servo driven dynamic web tension for perfect image placement and edge-to-edge printing.

Automatic mid-job maintenance and aerosol extraction system for hands-off, consistent operation, and minimized downtime

Ease of use, precision, quality and reliability

Introducing T2-C

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