kiaro 100D Rhino Indonesia

Kiaro! K-100D

Durable Inkjet Color Label Printer

kiaro 100D Rhino Indonesia

Kiaro! K-100D

Durable Inkjet Color Label Printer

A durable inkjet color label printer

The K-100D prints best, durable labels that can withstand dirt, moisture or water submersion, abrasion, and exposure to UV rays or sunlight – all while maintaining clarity and colorfastness at 1200 dpi. Thanks to its cutting-edge pigment ink formulation and QuickLabel qualified label stocks, labels printed by the K-100D comply with GHS hazard warning labeling regulations and possess BS5609 certification, one of the most stringent physical label standards in the world.

Key Features

Allows you to print complete labels
on-demand, replacing your
purchases of pre-printed labels and
traditional barcode printers.

Starting from blank stock, the
Kiaro! 200D prints full-color
product labels direct from
digital sources, such as
enterprise systems, barcode
labeling software or graphic
design software.

Prints on the first label out, without
a wasteful blank “leader” of labels
before or after labels are printed.

Prints labels consistently.

Prints full rolls of “useable” labels
without stopping, cutting and
splicing the label material thanks
to its reliable operation and “in job”
cleaning process, unlike any other
high-speed label printer.

What Makes It Different?

The K-100D can be integrated and synchronized intelligently with other production systems, including label applicators, for an in-line color print and apply operation. Unlike other inkjet color label printers, the Kiaro! D prints color labels at speeds that keep up with production lines, up to 40’ per minute (from 2 – 8 ips or 50 – 200 mm/s). Also can print label from minimum width – 1.0″ (25 mm) untul maximum width – 4.72″ (120 mm).

When it comes to durable in-house, on-demand label printing the K-100D is the ultimate solution. Perfect for Bottle, Carton, Case, Jug, and Pack Labels That Require Printed Product Pictures, Logos, GHS Symbols, Color codes, Barcodes and Other Variable Data Elements. – all printed in full CMYK color.

Key Print Attributes

High-resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi and color image processing for realistic photographic image quality

Label durability concerns are greatly reduced, with pigment-based inks, ensuring the highest degree of label durability offered

Designed to print on a wide variety of matte and synthetic materials for a broad spectrum of labeling applications

Print labels, from 1″ – 4.2″ " (109 mm) wide and up to more than 15.6" (397 mm) in length

For the most demanding production schedule

Introducing the Kiaro! K-100D

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