Five-Color, Toner-Based Label Printer


Professional Tabletop Digital Label Printer

Let There Be White

The QL-300 is the world’s first CMYK+White toner-based tabletop label printer that enables brand owners to create high-quality labels with the utmost durability, ensure a competitive cost of ownership, and set their brand apart with vibrant, impactful product labels.

Key Features

Economical toner cartridge
replacements and consumables deliver
stunning labels at a low total cost of ownership

Clear access to all printer
supplies simplifies

Five-Color (CMYK_W) or
Four-Color (CMYK) capability
allow you to disable white
toner when not required

Rugged, purpose-built design
provides years of service in
your demanding production

Integral 8” diameter label supply
allows for quick changeover
and efficient label production.

Optimized media path
combined with integral automatic
cutter for print jobs of
any size without label waste.

Intuitive user-interface
manages label printing,
printer, and supplies status.

What Makes It Different?

The ultra-white toner used in the QL-300 allows colors (CMYK) to be accurately printed and visualized by the human eye. White allows printing onto transparent and colored substrates. Additionally, advanced label designs can be achieved, including gradations of colors and white, as well as spot UV sheen or varnished appearance when printing black dark-colored materials.

Key Print Attributes

High-resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi and color image processing for realistic photographic image quality

Ultra-fine toner results in precise text and line formation, as well as highly accurate and scannable barcodes

Designed to print on a wide variety of uncoated paper and synthetic materials for a broad spectrum of labeling applications

Precise media handling and layering control of CMYK+W toner delivers exceptional gradients and special printing effects

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Introducing the QuickLabel QL-300 Color Label Printer

Presenting the QL-300
Color Label Printer

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